House between the Mountains
Haus zwischen den BergenHouse between the Mountains

A house between the mountains and lakes of the Ausseerland, characterized by building tradition and the respectful handling of the landscape.

GESIBA Head Office
GESIBA Head Office

Transformation of the existing building what was built in 1870 and is located in the Vienna protection zone.

Housing Blütenweiß
Wohnbau BlütenweißHousing Blütenweiß

A small housing development, in the midst of the large-scale single-family carpet of the city of Graz, shows the possible potential of densification.


Two residential buildings in an attractive location – the central Graz district Geidorf – set high demands in terms of urban development and architectural quality.

Revitalisation Biomedical Technology
Gebäudeadaptierung Biomedizinische TechnikRevitalisation Biomedical Technology

The revitalisation and transformation of the listed 1950’s departement and laboratory building into the new Biomedical Technology faculty building.

House P
Haus PHouse P

A delicate revitalisation of a former homestead in southwestern Styria.

Child Care Centre KAGes & MUG
Kinderbetreuungseinrichtung KAGes & MUGChild Care Centre KAGes & MUG

A joint Child Care Centre for the State Hospital and the Medical University Graz spans an extensive landscape of differing spaces creating a floating transition between outdoor and indoor.

Housing Laimburggasse
Wohnbau LaimburggasseHousing Laimburggasse

Living within a high dense inner city residential area.

Campus Donaufeld North
Campus Donaufeld NordCampus Donaufeld North

An elementary school of 13 classrooms and a kindergarten with 9 groups were realized within the „Campus Donaufeld North“ in the 21st Viennese district.

House H
Haus HHouse H

This private house plays with the classic single family housing typologie juggling between private and public, free space and living space.


After several years of planning, the historical villa dating back to the 19th century was completely and thoroughly restored and adapted.

Community Centre St. Anna am Aigen
Marktgemeindezentrum St. Anna am AigenCommunity Centre St. Anna am Aigen

The new community centre is the new heart of the South-Styrian town St. Anna.

Montan University Leoben
Generalsanierung Hörsaalgebäude Montanuni LeobenMontan University Leoben

The 1970’s lecture hall building of the Montanuniversity Leoben has been extensively refurbished to meet current standards.

Cultural Centre Bad Radkersburg
Veranstaltungszentrum Bad RadkersburgCultural Centre Bad Radkersburg

Three Renaissance houses in the historic core of the Styrian town Bad Radkersburg were reactivated and the historic structure has been expanded into a cultural centre.

Community Centre Markt Hartmannsdorf
Gemeindeservicezentrum Markt HartmannsdorfCommunity Centre Markt Hartmannsdorf

Markt Hartmannsdorf is a thriving, progressive and open-minded municipality in the east of Styria. The community centre’s design reflects the municipality’s attitude and serves both citizens and civil servants.