Offices and Mixed Use

GESIBA Head Office
GESIBA Head Office

Transformation of the existing building what was built in 1870 and is located in the Vienna protection zone.

KPMG Alpen-Treuhand
KPMG Alpen-TreuhandKPMG Alpen-Treuhand

The monumental historical Palais, situated in the heart of Vienna, was transformed into a modern office builing including up-to date infrastructure for more than 500 empolyees.

GAT Formulation Chemistry
Betriebsgebäude GAT Formulation ChemistryGAT Formulation Chemistry

The design for the company’s headquarter reflects the relationship between nature, landscape and their manifestation through building construction.

Revitalisation Herzogshof
Revitalisierung HerzogshofRevitalisation Herzogshof

The project is a rennovation of one of the most prominent medieval town-houses in the center of Graz.