Houses and Housing

House between the Mountains
Haus zwischen den BergenHouse between the Mountains

A house between the mountains and lakes of the Ausseerland, characterized by building tradition and the respectful handling of the landscape.

Housing Blütenweiß
Wohnbau BlütenweißHousing Blütenweiß

A small housing development, in the midst of the large-scale single-family carpet of the city of Graz, shows the possible potential of densification.


Two residential buildings in an attractive location – the central Graz district Geidorf – set high demands in terms of urban development and architectural quality.

House P
Haus PHouse P

A delicate revitalisation of a former homestead in southwestern Styria.

Housing Laimburggasse
Wohnbau LaimburggasseHousing Laimburggasse

Living within a high dense inner city residential area.

House H
Haus HHouse H

This private house plays with the classic single family housing typologie juggling between private and public, free space and living space.

D-T House
Haus D-TD-T House

Single family house in the green vicinity of Graz

S House
Haus SS House

A topos “Villa” was the main design idea for this project.

Schmuck House
Haus SchmuckSchmuck House

A „Villa Savoye en miniature“ on a slope?

Revitalisation Herzogshof
Revitalisierung HerzogshofRevitalisation Herzogshof

The project is a rennovation of one of the most prominent medieval town-houses in the center of Graz.

Wagner-Pirch House
Haus Wagner-PirchWagner-Pirch House

Three generations are living in the small farm in Neudauberg set around a square courtyard. Various modifications were made to meet the numerous demands.

House A
Haus AHouse A

The building relates the classical themes of single family detached housing construction: from outside and inside, openness and comfort, proximity and distance and, from the house as the stage setting for life, the manifestation of a certain attitude towards life.

Housing Defreggerstraße
Wohnbau DefreggerstraßeHousing Defreggerstraße

Ten-Years-After-Feature: A gap site in the inner city: small space, high prices, good location, promising view.

Former Town Mill
Ehemalige StadtmühleFormer Town Mill

Revitalisation of the former town mill in the center of Graz: The internal structure is dominated by a prefabricated timber construction dating back to 1880.

Hametner House and Gallery
Wohnhaus und Galerie HametnerHametner House and Gallery

The Hametner family’s old farmhouse has been converted into a gallery.