Renovation Laboratory Building University of Graz
Sanierung Chemiegebäude KFU GrazRenovation Laboratory Building University of Graz

Competitionentry for the renovation of the chemical laboratory building of the University of Graz

House of Prayer Fresach
Toleranzbethaus FresachHouse of Prayer Fresach

Competitionentry for the museum and cultural centre “House of Prayer” in Fresach

“Haus des Apfels” – “The Apple’s House”
Haus des Apfels"Haus des Apfels" - "The Apple's House"

Competitionentry for the design of the new headquarter of the OPST GmbH – the “Styrian Fruit Partner”

Renovation Stremayrgasse 16
Gebäudeadaptierung TU Graz Stremayrgasse 16Renovation Stremayrgasse 16

The revitalisation of the listed 1950’s departement and laboratory building – situated at the “Neue Technik”-Campus of the Graz University of Technology Graz – is a challenging project.

Campus Donaufeld North
Campus Donaufeld NordCampus Donaufeld North

The project – a 13-class elementary school and a kindergarten with nine groups – forms the educational infrastructure for a new housing developement in the 21st Viennese district.