Extension NMS Leutschach

The central question is: will a contemporary spatial concept for the NMS succeed by taking into account the financial framework conditions, the fulfillment of the school’s ambitious program and the meaningful inclusion of the remaining stock. Our answer is a compact hall school. A type, which was for a long time the perfect example for an open, flexible pedagogically usable school. This type is well suited to meet the demands of this school, as it allows the development of spatial qualities and also connects, especially in this relatively small scale, all the functions of the school, the gym and the music house. For the content of the school (tourism), the central hall provides the adequate background.

  • Client: Marktgemeinde Leutschach an der Weinstraße
  • Team Competition: DI Alexander Gebetsroither, DI Alexander Freydl
  • Competition: March 2017

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