Graz-Reininghaus – Quartier 12

Quartier 12 in Graz Reininghaus is to be developed into the central urban quarter of the extensive settlement area. It follows in a central location the Q2 which is to receive an outstanding architectural formulation as the actual center and the parkland further to the west. Quartier 12, on the one hand, forms the spatial (and reassuring) completion of this zone with the intended mixed uses and, on the other, has the very important task of not neglecting the transition to the schools and subsequently to sports facilities. Four high points in conjunction with the encircling arcade characterize the spatial version of the square. On the Alte Poststraße, these structures define the transition from the street to the square and in the depth of the square, the divided volumes provide a distinctive conclusion that points to the continuing school development.

  • Client: Q12 Projektentwicklungs GmbH; BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.; Stadt Graz Stadtplanungsamt
  • Team Competition: DI Andreas Rosian, DI Alexander Freydl, Katharina Hohenwarter
  • Competition: June 2017
  • Visualization: Atelier Frühwirth

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