urban idea competition Unterpremstätten

Our proposal for the urban development idea competition in Unterpremstätten (near Graz) wants to establish order. This is the most important task for this prototypical example of a grown suburban chaos. The site is characterized by existing industrial buildings that partly have to be reused and the adjoining railway tracks. This circumstance creates a clear structuring of the site. The existing buildings along the tracks are partly demolished and enhanced to enable flexible future uses (housing, office or commercial use). The halls are one by one going to be reused as car parks and if necessary extended. The main on-site access road is situated in the north and continues into the direction of the neighbouring existing single family housing development. This creates a widely soothed area in the south of the site.

  • Client: Landmarks Immobilien Entwicklung & Veranlagungen GmbH
  • Team Competition: Dominik Troppan, Irene Nikolaus, Sebastian Jenull und Sandra Trantscher
  • Competition: October 2014

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