New Gallery and Casemates Wiener Neustadt

The development of the draft for the adaptation and completion of the casemates in Wiener Neustadt means first of all a fundamental investigation of the functional, but above all of the contextual conditions. The most comprehensive visualization of historical walls in their time sequence is an important basis for decision-making. This initially creates the idea to place the new building mass within the city wall in order to strengthen the experience of fortification. Consequently, “making visible” means overlaying the stock as little as possible. By raising the main volume to the level of the Casemate canopy, there are several urban and functional options. Initially, there will be several publicly accessible and usable spaces around the facility. At the main entrance of the visitor center and the casemates, a covered forecourt is created, which is clearly assigned to the existing urban fabric. On the other side again a public space is created above the casemates. There the atmosphere is completely different and already inclined to the city park and provided with the appropriate recreational qualities. This also corresponds to the already mentioned duality of “within the city wall” and “outside the city wall”. This duality is also followed by the shape of the new volume. Cut comparatively calmly at Bahngasse, with the clear intention of creating space, establishing the connection to the church and integrating the unfortunate neighborhood into an ensemble, the form towards the fortifications becomes much freer and interprets the tectonic stratification that has developed over centuries the casemates, in an actual spatial overlay.

  • Client: Landesausstellungs- Planungs- Errichtungs- und Organisations GmbH
  • Joint Venture Architecture: in cooperation with eep architekten
  • Team Competition: DI Alexander Freydl, DI Alexander Gebetsroither
  • Competition: October 2016
  • Competition Results: Second Prize
  • Visualization: Atelier Frühwirth

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