Quartier am Klosterwall

The urban structure evolves from the context of the environment. Precise settlement of the buildings react sublimely to the respective situation. Towards the Kontorhausviertel the three courtyards open up. Whereas on the other side facing the Klosterwall, a clear street-accompanying structure is set. The project sees itself as the conclusion of the historically grown structure. Passages on the ground floor create a high permeability on the important connection axes.
The volumes are functionally clearly structured and allow a flexible usage assignment. The various orientations of the living spaces create a differentiated offer. The ground floor zone can be flexibly developed according to the desired user requirement. The differentiated grid gives the building its special elegance. Specifically developed elements and structures give the façade depth and react purposefully to the underlying use. Materials with classy, high-quality presence correspond to the tradition of the district and the style of the historic buildings.

  • Client: ‘AUG. PRIEN‘ Immobilien
  • Joint Venture Architecture: in cooperation with Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architektur
  • Team Competition: DI Andreas Rosian, Johann Kolck
  • Competition: December 2016

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