The two residential buildings consisting of 53 appartments understand itselves as an integration into the partial block perimeter development of the Gründerzeit at the Rosenberggürtel. The 7 and 8 story structures incorporate the height and alignment of the neighbouring buildings. Street sided the plain plaster façade is structured by the windows and their framing ceramic fields. The courtyard sided façade is structured by pleaded volumes into bays and intimate sheltered outdoor areas such as loggias or balconies.
Every building is accessed from the street passing layered green and linger zones into a spacious foyer marking the main entrance.
The apartments are very clear structured. The bedrooms to the east and the livingroom as well as the dining area are accessed by a service zone. In addition nearly every apartment has its own sheltered outdoor space.

  • Client: Rosenberggürtel Graz GmbH
  • Team project: Irene Kristiner (project management), Birgit Schiretz, Norbert Schindler, Irene Nikolaus
  • Team competition: Birgit Schiretz
  • Competition: September 2012
  • Start of planning: Oktober 2012
  • Start of construction: November 2014
  • Gross floor area Rosenberggürtel 15: 4.835 m²
  • Gross floor area Rosenberggürtel 29: 2.446 m²
  • Net. floor area Rosenberggürtel 15: 2.981 m²
  • Net. floor area Rosenberggürtel 29: 1.664 m²
  • Capacity: 53 appartments, 56 underground parking spaces
  • Fotocredit: Paul Ott

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