Smart City Graz Mitte – Baufeld Nord

The project Smart City Graz is a very ambitious urban development project of the city of Graz. The focus of smart urban development, in addition to the need to establish a socially acceptable technical “smartness”, must focus on a genuinely serious community development of such a new neighborhood, in which all stakeholders participate. In the foreground stands the solution of the everyday problems of the residents. And last but not least, “smartness” also means offering a socially acceptable mix of flats with attractive floor plans and open spaces in line with the most diverse living conditions. The present project now covers the urban development requirements and the complex demands of the building’s topography. The starting point for the considerations is the block (Smart Square) and the park in front of it. The block adopts the typical dimensions of a Graz block from the Wilhelminian era and is interpreted as a contemporary variation. Tower, Stick and Park are designed according to their position. The tower occupies the outermost corner of the district and also forms the striking cornerstone in terms of design. The stick is dissolved without giving up the necessary noise shielding. The overall result is an urban structure and consequently also a formally differentiated structure, which gives the dimension of the entire area an attractive and compatible scale.

  • Client: Smart Quadrat Projektentwicklungs GmbH, Smart Stick Projektentwicklungs GmbH, Smart Tower Projektentwicklungs GmbH
  • Joint Venture Architecture: in cooperation with TANTSCHER & JENULL OG
  • Team Competition: DI Sebastian Jenull, DI Sandra Tantscher, DI Emilian Hinteregger, Katharina Hohenwarter
  • Competition: March 2018
  • Competition Result: Second Prize
  • Visualization: Atelier Frühwirth

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