Urban Development Spallartgasse

The proposed urban planning concept is based on the idea of creating a distinctive quarter with a high identification value between city and periphery. The qualities of the new district arise from the local situation between the city and the park. This gives the development an exemplary character in dealing with open and closed construction. On the park side you can see the treasure of the district: the wild and dense green on the site of the former barracks. Permeable, green and open courtyards create a intensification of moods and spaces. From the street, the individual construction sites can be addressed via the open courtyards, which simplifies orientation in the neighborhood and gives neighborhoods clear and recognizable spaces. The combination of city wings and park wings in a building creates its own typology. The quality of living with corner apartments in the green is fully exploited to the park via a polygonal facade.

  • Client: CC Wien Invest GmbH, Stadt Wien
  • Joint Venture Architecture: in cooperation with Ortner & Ortner Baukunst
  • Team Competition: DI Christina Mellacher, DI Andreas F. Rosian, Samuel Bucher
  • Landscape Design: Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur
  • Competition: June 2016
  • Visualization: Stephen Weber, Finest Images

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