WKO Steiermark – Center of Excellence

The demolition of the existing workshops facilities and the replacement of the relevant urban corners along the Grabenstraße should change the appearance of the WKO in the urban structure very clearly. The present draft envisages a clear presence along this road, which ensures dispite the formation of space the necessary permeability. This principle of creating urban edges while at the same time fragmenting is also maintained along the Hochsteingasse, thus leaving the facility open to all types of development. The grain and staggering of the surrounding area is taken over. This results in low-portion building masses which can accommodate the required programs through their different tract depths and which also bring about the urban integration with the environment. Especially the cut-outs in the ground floors link the central open space of the site with the individual volumes to identity-creating spaces.

  • Client: Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark
  • Joint Venture Architecture: in cooperation with Freiland Umweltconsulting ZT GmbH, Wien
  • Team Competition: DI Alexander Gebetsroither, DI Emilian Hinteregger, DI Alexander Freydl, DI Dominik Troppan
  • Competition: December 2017
  • Visualization: Atelier Frühwirth

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