Housing Blütenweiß
The small housing development in the Millöckergasse shows the potential of re-densification in the large-scale single-family carpet of the city of Graz. On a plot of about 2700 m², formerly built with just a single family house, three small townhouses each with approximately 160 m² of living space are combined with an apartment building with seven residential units between 60 m² and 160 m². Due to the deliberate setting of the buildings, taking into account the old tree population and, above all, a common integrated design of the surrounding green space, a surprisingly relaxed development with sufficiently free space was created.
  • Client: bauwerkwohnen Wohnbaugesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Team project: Kerstin Wissounig (project management), Julia Lainer, Lena Mühlberger, Irene Nikolaus, Alexa Sölkner, Barbara Wonisch
  • Start of planning: November 2008
  • Start of construction: October 2012
  • Completion: December 2013
  • Net. floor area: 1.030 m²
  • Fotocredit: Alexander Gebetsroither

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