Residential Housing Fontana Street

The urban development concept is determined. Each construction site is defined by a base donned with differing residential volumes. The basic idea behind this concept is a differing structural approach to the base and its donned volumes in design and use. On the other hand are the client’s requirement of an overall residential development counterparting the idea of a differing use within the base. Our design approaches this wish with a very stringent implementation of the dwellings on each floor while enabling the use of the ground floor to become something different because of a 3,60 meters floor height. The idea of the base is transformed into a large common courtyard with a perforated rooftop becoming the access level for all 3 residential buildings and its common spaces.

  • Client: WIGEBA
  • Team: Eva M. Hierzer, Dominik Troppan, Sara Vidačak
  • Competition: October 2015

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