Residential Building Graz-Reininghaus, Quartier 6 South

In contrast to the denser and functionally mixed quarters of Reininghaus in the north and east, the focus of the District 6 South is on social housing. This raises the question of the highest possible living space, which on the one hand requires an equivalence of housing qualities and on the other hand, a clear differentiation in housing and outdoor space, to reach identification with your own home. The framework conditions are clear: On the one hand, the existing master plan for Reininghaus envisages a specific district formation with different densities. On the other hand, the Wetzelsdorferstraße as a constant source of noise requires shielding, while green axes should create the central link from north to south. Based on these requirements four quadrants are created, each of which is treated differently according to their position in the urban structure.

  • Client: ÖWGES – Gemeinnützige Wohnbau Ges.m.b.H
  • Team Competition: DI Dominik Troppan, DI Alexander Gebetsroither, DI Alexander Freydl, DI Emilian Hinteregger
  • Landscape Design: Studio Boden
  • Competition: August 2017

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