Housing Grillparzerstraße

Within a very quiet urban courtyard we designed a solid townhouse completed with very useable surrounding outdoor area. All apartments are organized around a central atrium. The larger ones are situated at the corners, on the ground level with direct access to the gardens or on top, while the smaller ones are tucked in between. Balcony strips enclose the solid structuring the façade’s image and create an extended large outdoor space for each apartment.
The entrance to the building is marked by an oval paved forecourt that connects all pathways and creates at the same time a semi-public communication area. Parallel to the central pathway in the north a communal garden stretches from east to west structured by prefabricated concrete stripes that separate differing levels. Its formation reminds of the historic use of the courtyards for selfsufficient gardening. The basic concept enables different uses of each field, as e.g. playground, allotments or playing field.

  • Client: PVI Projektentwicklung- and Verwertung GmbH
  • Team Competition: Dominik Troppan, Sara Vidačak, Birgit Schiretz and Eva Hierzer
  • Competition: January 2016
  • Visualization: Atelier Frühwirth

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