ZWI – Center for Knowledge and Innovation Transfer

Two questions are at the center of this design task. On the one hand the urban setting and the handling of the existing and in their perception as unimpaired as possible to obtain villa. On the other hand, the extremely exciting question of the spatial version for the development of start-ups. Both questions are linked in the draft and the potentials of this center are presented with a central conceptual approach. A “start-up canyon” connects the two new buildings in the north and south with the existing villa. Provided with its own external entrance, but also connected to all three buildings, all variations of co-working are possible here. The “Start-up Canyon” is in many areas very flexible and can be adapted to changing needs, but at the same time offers a high degree of representation, communication, informative density and the necessary atmosphere. The urban setting follows the intention of exempting the existing villa as much as possible and adapting the two new buildings to the existing stock. This creates a permeable structure that allows for eastward development while offering different outdoor qualities.

  • Client: BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Team Competition: DI Kerstin Wissounig, DI Alexander Freydl
  • Competition: June 2017
  • Visualization: Atelier Frühwirth

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