GAT Formulation Chemistry

GAT develops and produces chemical materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Derived from the company’s area of research, the design reflects the relationship between nature, landscape and their manifestation through building construction. Three architectural identities face one other: office complex, laboratories, warehouse and production facility. At first glance, the buildings are distinguished by virtue of their facades being rendered in different shades of green. The internal use is reflected in different degrees of transparency. From the relatively transparent office wing to the laboratory, the atria of which create visual connections between inside and outside and the various departments, to the totally closed warehouse.
The concept of the external space is geared to the close intertwinement of science on the one hand and cultural and natural landscape on the other. The component parts are connected by pathways, visual connections and topical and formal relations, all permeating the site like lifelines. If required, the structure could be extended and embellished along the existing longitudinal axis, like a chemical bond both subjected to changing conditions and adapting to new demands.

  • Client: GAT Formulation Chemistry GmbH
  • Team: Eva-Maria Benedikt
  • Competition: May 2001
  • Start of Planning: May 2001
  • Start of Construction: October 2002
  • Completion: July 2003
  • Net. Floor Area: 2116m²

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