03 Bar

Originally the 03 Bar fulfilled several functions: It served as an information centre for the events in the context of Graz being appointed Cultural Capital of Europe 2003. It was a daytime café offering warm meals and a bar in the evening. “light islands” marked the zones assigned to the various tasks. An information terminal of 2003 GmbH, a bar with four sides, situated at the front close to the glazed street façade of the building, and a dining area in the background, above which a textile sculpture sealed off the area of the staircases. The area between these islands offered enough space to allow all three scenarios happening at the same time with varying focus. The 03 bar was extended by a generous seating area outside the building.
After 2003 the leaseholder of the bar changed and the original design has been demolished.

  • Sculpture: Sergio Ramirez, Graz
  • Client: Graz 2003 Cultural Capital of Europa Organisation GmbH
  • Team: Martina Pirovino, Peter Polding
  • Start of Planning: August 2001
  • Start of Constructions: March 2002
  • Completion: Juni 2002
  • Net. Floor Area: 174 m²

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