Grammar School “BORG Dreierschützengasse”

The school is situated in an area of Graz characterised by industrial and housing construction. Its central functions are housed in a compact four-storey building that is located on a dip in the landscape. Attached to it are the administration wing to the west and the sports halls half buried in the ground to the east. The roof of the sports hall serves as an area for breaks and can be accessed from the elevated entrance floor. The entrance floor can be accessed via a ramp from the street, it is totally glazed and cuts through the main building section. Here are communal facilities such as the library, multi-purpose hall, catering and special lecture halls. The upper floors are reserved for the classrooms laid out in two directions. Significant conceptual features are the application of aluminium, glass, concrete and wood as surface material, reflecting the functional assignment within, and the urban and conceptual density of the building, giving equal emphasis to its economic and ecological advantages.

  • Client: ÖWGES Gemeinnützige Wohnbau GmbH
  • Team: Ida Pirstinger, Irene Nikolaus, Johannes Wohofsky
  • Competition: July 1999
  • Start of Planning: September 1999
  • Start of Construction: April 2001
  • Completion: September 2002
  • Net. Floor Area: 7500 m²

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