Community Centre Markt Hartmannsdorf

The new community centre is conceptualized as a detached solitaire creating in its position to the street a variedly useable village square. A simple structural concept enables a flexible floor plan as well as the possibility for the staff of the municipality to participate in planning for an optimal internal organization and its consistent implementation.
Central aspect to all involved parties was the idea of a community centre being a service centre for the citizens. Thus areas like the service zone were designed under the aspects of openness, communication and transparency.

  • Client: Orts- und Infrastrukturentwicklungs KEG Markt Hartmannsdorf
  • Team: Irene Nikolaus, Alexandra Hammerl
  • Competition: November 2004
  • Start of Construction: March 2006
  • Completion: June 2007
  • Net. Floor Area: 730m²
  • Link to the project’s competitionentry

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