Community Centre Trahütten

The listed building of the former vicarage of Trahütten stands out for its clear, beautifully proportioned, massive building body and the large, calm surface of the roof. Without violating the line of the roof, the new event hall is inserted beneath. A wooden side building on the north side is also converted; a foyer, cloakroom and wash rooms will be placed here. Access is via a new wooden staircase tower placed close to the side building and a glazed corridor connecting the building bodies with each other. Thus a spatial situation is created between the two buildings that can accommodate waiting times, joint arrival and leaving, and talks after and before the various meetings. The northern gable wall and the underside of the main building eaves are glazed and provide daylight for the hall, whilst in the evening it is readily evident from some distance if an event is taking place in the community centre.

  • awarded with the “Geramb Rose” 2005
  • Client: Municipality of Trahütten
  • Team: Irene Kristiner
  • Invited Competition: August 2000
  • Start of Planning: Februar 2001
  • Start of Construction: März 2002
  • Completion: März 2003
  • Net. Floor Area: 380m²

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