Oberschützen Cross-Border Dialects Institute

A farmhouse that used to serve as a homeland museum is being extended and converted into an institute for the research, care and mediation of regional vernaculars. The new building parts complete the existing buildings in creating an analogy to the strip-like building structures with narrow courts that are so typical for Burgenland. The rhythm of the lines is being continued in the inner structure of the new building. The building complex can be seen from the elevated access road, displaying its lively roof structure, heavily structured by skylights. One could say it has a fifth façade that becomes visible from a certain position, rather like areas of language that can be heard in a certain environment.

  • awarded with the ‘Client’s Award 2004’ by the Austrian Architects Association
  • awarded with the Architecture Award by the Government of Burgenland 2004
  • Client: Burgenländisch-Hianzische Gesellschaft Oberschützen
  • Team: Johannes Wohofsky, Irene Nikolaus, Norbert Schindler
  • Competition: September 2000
  • Start of Planning: June 2001
  • Start of Construction: March 2002
  • Completion: März 2004
  • Net. Floor Area: 555m²

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