Community Centre St. Anna am Aigen

The very compact building of the new community centre is placed right next to the community’s water tower. Its slightly rotated figure creates within the urban context a renewed and variedly useable village square. Because of the new square’s topographical situation, it becomes a place to linger and enjoy the view over the valley.
Within the building every room follows an optimal internal organisation. The open design of the citizen’s service centre highlights the public serving character of the community centre. Selective views into the landscape and the village underline the attractive location of the building. Spaces like the conference room, wedding hall and the multi-purpose hall on the upper level as well as the band chapel on the underground level open up to the amazing east Styrian landscape.
Every level can be accessed from the central foyer at any time of the day which enables a vivid and variedly usable centre embedded within the community.

  • Client: Municipality of St. Anna am Aigen
  • Team: Monika Liebmann-Zugschwert, Lena Mühlberger, Irene Nikolaus, Julia Werlberger
  • Competition: August 2006
  • Planning: 2008-2009
  • Start of Construction: April 2009
  • Completion: July 2010
  • Link to the project’s competitionentry

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