Hornegg Manor

After the roof structure of a side building of the 19th century manor near Graz had burnt down, in the course of the reconstruction some rental flats were built. An individual lightweight pillar construction was placed on the retained ground floor of the existing buildings and spanned over with prefab timber elements. Thus flats could be built free of a supporting structure. They are glazed on three sides, which puts them in intense contact with rural environment. Glazed lantern-like upper floors and large roof terraces highlight this effect. The plain facade parts of the appurtenant structures are also prefabricated and clad with aluminium sheet. Despite the new building body being flush with the lines of the base storey, it differs considerably from the existing structure in terms of material and tectonics, thereby creating a sharp division line between old and new.

  • Client: Dr. Jörg Holler
  • Collaborators: Irene Kristiner, Raimund Kuschnig
  • Start of Planning: 1997
  • Start of Construction: September 1997
  • Completion: October 1998
  • Net. Floor Area: 640m²

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