Hametner House and Gallery

The Hametner family, owners of the old farmhouse, have been strongly committed to varied cultural activities in the traditional rural area of central Burgenland. The family decided not to use the farmhouse solely for gallery activities anymore, but also for living there throughout the whole year, so the house had to be converted. Now, a new glazed building body is located in the inner courtyard, dividing the yard into a public gallery and a private garden area. The transparent structure of the new building allows for an open view between the two structures. In this way, the depth of the old building remains perceptible. Just as the manifestation of a building volume in the courtyard of a classic farmhouse breaks through the structurally typical, linear room sequence and opens up a new vista, so part of the ceiling slab of the new building protrudes above and beyond the roof level, opening up the horizon more than just figuratively.

  • Client: Angela und Roland Hametner
  • Team: Ida Pirstinger
  • Start of Planning: January 1998
  • Start of Construction: May 1998
  • Completion: September 1999
  • Net. Floor Space: 175 m²

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