House A

The building relates the classical themes of single family detached housing construction: from outside and inside, openness and comfort, proximity and distance and, from the house as the stage setting for life, the manifestation of a certain attitude towards life. The entrance hall is deeply recessed, accessed via a forecourt and lit from above. Behind it subordinate rooms and a self-contained flat are located. The owner lives on the upper floor. Kitchen, dining and living room on the south side, access and landing in the middle, bedroom, dressing room and bathroom on the north side. The bases of the upper floor and roof are coplanar. Massive exterior walls, small opening and avoidance of roof projection create an atmosphere of seclusion and intimacy on the north side, whilst protruding and recessed elements in the glazed south facade create various degrees of openness. A protected sitting area towards the southwest, an open air breakfast terrace towards the southeast and, hovering over the garden, a framed view into the distance.

  • Client: private
  • Team: Irene Kristiner
  • Start of Planning: April 1999
  • Start of Construction: October 1999
  • Completion: September 2000

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