Schmuck House

Essentially, the small house for two people built on a slope, consists of one living floor between fair-faced concrete slabs cantilevering far towards the west. Its immediate environment is characterised by agriculture; the view over orchards, pastures and copses up to the Plabutsch range of hills west of Graz scarcely indicates the proximity of a large town. The cantilevering volume sits on the last third of a cellar floor dug into the hill. The ceiling of this storey is both entrance and parking area, above which projects a porch roof planted with greenery.
The screening of wind and unwanted view on the terrace can be seen from afar, whilst the stairs inside, offering vertical access to the whole house and arranged counter to the slope, can be seen only inside the house or from the hill. Glazed throughout and positioned slightly off centre, on the one hand it sets the structure of the living area and on the other, it creates a very special relation with nature by making it possible to experience weather and light conditions in the middle of the house.

  • Client: Dir. Erwin Schmuck and Sylvia Schmuck
  • Team: Irene Nikolaus, Gabriele Leitner
  • Start of Planning: September 2003
  • Start of Construction: April 2004
  • Completion: March 2005
  • Net. Floor Area: 150m²

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