Wagner-Pirch House

Three generations are living in the small farm in Neudauberg set around a square courtyard: the client’s mother in the north-western wing, he and his family in the south-eastern part. Various modifications were made to meet the numerous demands. A new entrance, an opening towards the south, a re-evaluation of the inner courtyard particularly with a view to extended use not restricted to the summer, and a larger living and relaxation area. The original entrance to the courtyard of the farm was made smaller, former storage spaces converted into a garage, and the entrance roofed with a concrete slab. At the eastern side of the inner courtyard a glazed, albeit un-insulated, corridor leads to the entrance at the south-eastern wing opposite. This structure offers those returning home some protection from bad weather and extends the period during which the beautiful and densely greened inner courtyard can be used. The most prominent characteristic of the conversion is the creation of a new living room on the south side of the house. Here a totally glazed extension was created that was placed in front of the original southern facade. A continuous glass strip is offset upward in the flat roof and passes light onto the white end wall that runs up to the lower edge of the ceiling above the glass facade, being then reflected deeply into the room. The transition areas between inside and outside thus seem soft and without strong contrasts, whilst this impression is further enhanced by the grey ceiling of the living room and a gravel strip both outside and inside the glass walls.

  • Client: Mag. Doris Wagner-Pirch, Jürgen Wagner
  • Team: Eva-Maria Benedikt, Irene Kristiner
  • Start of Planning: May 2001
  • Start of Construction: April 2002
  • Completion: December 2002
  • Net. Floor Area: newly built 80m², total 205m²

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