Gangoly House

The architect’s house. A small building on a small site. Massive lateral walls support the ceiling made of exposed concrete. Beneath, an open volume was created which, apart from some built-in structures, remained readable as such – horizontally and vertically: through the slit of the stairs, the intermediate ceiling detached from the northern wall, through a visual and structural disentanglement of room edges at the entirely glazed longitudinal facades. The latter were not fitted between lateral walls and ceilings but rather were placed outward, overlapping the end walls. The placing of all storage space outside the accessible floor space, use of wall units and glazed shelves as parapet elements and of level thresholds to the garden expand the minimal spatial dimensions. Only a cladded steel staircase, which accesses the roof terrace from the upper floor, interrupts the cube.

  • Client: Hans Gangoly und Andrea Gangoly-Hametner
  • Start of Planning: August 1996
  • Start of Construction: October 1997
  • Completion: July 1998
  • Net. Floor Area: 112m²

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