Housing Defreggerstraße

A gap site in the inner city: small space, high prices, good location, promising view. In the neighbourhood: low Biedermeier houses and beautiful buildings from the times of industrial expansion around 1870. The cubage of the housing building is determined by the adjoining building bodies, predefining the height and depth of the development. In this way various layers and joint terraces are created amidst the neighbouring roof landscape. The ground floor is placed on a base, the glazed street façade of which offers a view into an open-plan office. Above, rental flats are housed on four storeys, on the street side equipped with balconies of 60 centimetres depth. The balconies run along the whole façade fronted by moveable textile screens. Balconies that give depth to the façade and relate to the proportions of the neighbouring house, deal with the risk of fire flash over, enlarge the internal space, reduce any intrusive view into the flats, offer space for the soul and washing alike, are too small to be called a luxury yet are large enough to make living in a limited space no problem.

  • Client: Schönere Zukunft Steiermark – Gemeinnützige Wohnbaugenossenschaft
  • Team: DI Ida Pirstinger, DI Mary-Ann Vajdic, DI Therese Janeschitz-Kriegl
  • Start of Planning: 1996
  • Start of Construction: June 1998
  • Completion: December 1999
  • Net. Floor Area: 1660m²

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