Projects Tagged ‘2007’

Generalsanierung Hörsaalgebäude Montanuni Leoben
Generalsanierung Hörsaalgebäude Montanuni Leoben

Winning competitionentry for the revitalisation of the lecture hall buliding of the Montan University of Leoben

Housing Development Kalsdorf
Gutachterverfahren Wohnbebauung KalsdorfHousing Development Kalsdorf

Competitionentry for a housing development in the South of Graz

Community Centre Lannach
Bürgerservicezentrum LannachCommunity Centre Lannach

Competitionentry for the new community centre for the municipality of Lannach

University Hospital for Odontology and Dentistry
Uniklinikum für Zahn-, Mund- und KieferheilkundeUniversity Hospital for Odontology and Dentistry

Competitionentry for an extension of the University Hospital in Graz

Nikolaiplatz 5
Nikolaiplatz 5Nikolaiplatz 5

Competitionentry for the design of an office building for a real estate development company.

Tourism School Villach
Tourismusberufsschule VillachTourism School Villach

Competitionentry for the design of a new tourism school in Villach

Community Centre Markt Hartmannsdorf
Gemeindeservicezentrum Markt HartmannsdorfCommunity Centre Markt Hartmannsdorf

Markt Hartmannsdorf is a thriving, progressive and open-minded municipality in the east of Styria. The community centre’s design reflects the municipality’s attitude and serves both citizens and civil servants.

D-T House
Haus D-TD-T House

Single family house in the green vicinity of Graz