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Campus Donaufeld Nord fertiggestellt
Campus Donaufeld Nord fertiggestellt

(Deutsch) Ende Juni 2012 wurde der Campus an die Nutzer übergeben, mit September 2012 startete das neue Kinderkrippen-/Kindergarten-/Schuljahr.

Child Care Centre KAGes and MUG
Kinderbetreuungseinrichtung KAGes und MUGChild Care Centre KAGes and MUG

We proudly announce the kick-off of the KAGes and MUG’s Child Care Centre and, in the following, present you the winning competition entry.

Renovation Stremayrgasse 16
Gebäudeadaptierung TU Graz Stremayrgasse 16Renovation Stremayrgasse 16

The revitalisation of the listed 1950’s departement and laboratory building – situated at the “Neue Technik”-Campus of the Graz University of Technology Graz – is a challenging project.

Campus Donaufeld North
Campus Donaufeld NordCampus Donaufeld North

The project – a 13-class elementary school and a kindergarten with nine groups – forms the educational infrastructure for a new housing developement in the 21st Viennese district.

Montan University Leoben
Generalsanierung Hörsaalgebäude Montanuni LeobenMontan University Leoben

The 1970’s lecture hall building of the Montanuniversity Leoben has been extensively refurbished to meet current standards.

Grammar School “BORG Dreierschützengasse”
BORG Dreierschützengasse GrazGrammar School "BORG Dreierschützengasse"

The school is situated in an area of Graz characterised by industrial and housing construction. In this harsh surroundings the school stands out with its thoughtful design.

Three Lecture Rooms – Graz University of Technology
Hörsäle A, B und E - Technische Universität GrazThree Lecture Rooms - Graz University of Technology

One of the first projects of our office is the redesign of three lecture rooms at the “Neue Technik”-Campus of the Graz University of Technology.