New building Kindergarten Rosenberggürtel

The default setting of the site for the new kindergarten – a considerably large existing building and a park-like open space – asks for a south-eastward oriented linear volume. Westward to the listed historic building the occurring angle clasps and defines the new main entrance. A clear structural connection to the existing edifice establishes northwards a sealed playground. The kindergarten south-east facade with its overlappings and setbacks from group, exercise and therapy rooms intermeshes with the existing park. The multipurpose room next to the street creates because of the height difference the “public” facade of the kindergarten.

  • Client: Landesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Team Competition: Dominik Troppan, Julia Werlberger, Kerstin Wissounig
  • Competition: Mai 2012

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