School Campus Algersdorf – Graz

The new primary school building creates in combination with the existing secondary school building an independent educational campus that integrates after school education and external clubs.
This new building aligns itself to the Algersdorfer Street and Georgi Alley vis-à-vis to the public swimming pool “Oyster”. Combined with the new gymnasium and the existing secondary school they create a symmetrical school campus with a central shared access for primary and secondary school as well as a shared outdoor space.
The inner organizational structure follows the idea of common, central, but hierarchically graded areas which define collective areas with different spatial linger qualities.
Accessing the building from the common forecourt every pupil passes trough the cloakroom on the underground level into the central hall – the “public” centre of the building. Library, dining hall, after school linger area and the big central hall combined create an everyday flexible adaptable space for all pupils, teachers and parents. Two functional towers are accessed from this big market hall and connect the common space with the four school clusters.

  • Client: City Graz
  • Competition Team: Johannes Paar, Sara Vidačak
  • Competition: September 2013

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